Tackle the rock

Koh Tao is a fantastic varied land perfect for discovering and honing your skills in one of our many climbing courses. The climbing options on Koh Tao are extensive. From mountain top complexes of walls and routes with amazing panoramic views, to seaside cliffs with erosion patterns etched into the rocks where you can climb and watch fish swim amongst the corals below. You’ll also find lowland boulder fields amongst coconut plantations and huge isolated rocks deep in the jungle just waiting to be climbed.

As well as many course options listed below we also have 1/2 day ‘Discover Rock Climbing‘ and ‘On The Rocks‘ adventures for beginners. Both are great options if you are limited on time or are not interested in doing a course… just get on the rocks!

With our courses, our aim has been to create a full range of climbs available to accommodate first time climbers as well as seasoned rock monkeys. We specialise in creating courses that combine a low instructor ratio with completely personalised climbing instruction from beginner top rope up to traditional leading and ropes rescue. We also offer a unique course, the ‘Rock Master’ combining our full list of courses along with additional training in equipment maintenance, group management, teaching assistance, and route finding with the option of bolting.


  • Rock 1

    Beginner Top Rope
  • Rock 2

    Anchors & Advanced Climbing
  • Rock 3

    Sport Leading
  • Rock 4

    Ropes Rescue
  • Rock 5

    Multipitch Climbing
  • Rock 6

    Trad Leading
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Course Outline

This two-part course includes a pre-trip training session, where you will learn about different styles of climbing, equipment, how to check that your equipment is safe and ready to use, as well as how to tie in, and belay with a buddy. You then get half a day of field experience, putting these skills in to practice. We choose our climbing sites to ensure that you don’t spend the afternoon directly in the sun, but ensuring that you can get some amazing views over Koh Tao at the top of your routes. After completing the course, you will safely be able to climb on existing equipment with a partner anywhere in the world.

Topics Covered
  • Equipment types and use
  • Common climbing knots
  • Basic climbing techniques
  • Safety considerations
  • Belaying and much more!
Course Outline

If you enjoy rock climbing, whether it be using top rope indoors or out on the rocks, but want to learn more about the sport then this course is definitely for you. Designed to teach you how to construct fixed and natural anchors, this will give you more independence with your climbing and really give you a base understanding of how these systems work. The second day also includes a bouldering session to introduce you to more advanced moves and improve your technique on the rocks.

Prerequisite: Completion of Rock 1 or consent of your outdoor program coordinator. On completion of the Rock 2 you can progress on to our Rock 3 course.

Topics Covered
  • Principles of top rope anchor systems
  • On site basic anchor building
  • Advanced knots for climbers
  • Building and evaluating anchor systems
  • Introduction to bouldering & advanced climbing techniques
  • Natural anchor theory and construction
Course Outline

If you’re already a keen climber but haven’t taken the jump towards being able to lead climbs, then this course will take you there. Designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Sport Lead climbing, we will help you learn more about how to effectively lead climbs, how to prepare a climb, rescue techniques as well as many other skills and techniques to help turn you in to an effective leader.

Prerequisite: Completion of Rock 2 or consent of your outdoor program coordinator. Once you’ve completed your Rock 3, why not continue on to the Rock 4 course to learn about Ropes Rescue.

Topics Covered
  • Commericialisation, ethics, attitudes and grading systems
  • The process of developing and bolting a route
  • Self rescue techniques
  • Lead climb belaying
  • Fall training both anticipated and accidental
Course Outline

If you want to be prepared for every eventuality then this course is definitely for you. Designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to rescue skills, this should be considered an absolute must for anyone who likes to climb in more remote areas or who simply just wants to be prepared.

This course is best split into half days as the learning is very in-depth. To get the most out of your training you may wish to consider taking the Emergency First Response CPR and first aid course, to better prepare you for dealing with climbing accidents and emergencies.

Prerequisite: Completion of Rock 2 with a comprehensive knowledge of climbing knots.

Topics Covered
  • Top rope rescue
  • Escaping the belay system
  • Hauling conscious & unconscious climbers
  • Rescuing an injured abseiler
Course Outline

This course is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Multi-pitch climbing. Please note that this course is introduction only. Here on Koh Tao we don’t have a wide range of multi-pitch climbs. This course will teach you all the skills you need to know (and more) to put into practice in the multi-pitch arena elsewhere.

Prerequisite: Completion of Rock 3, Rock 4 or consent of your outdoor program coordinator.

Topics Covered
  • Multi-Pitch climbing including variations, areas, ethics
  • Belaying from top of climb
  • Falling factors and avoidance
  • Double vs single rope techniques
rock climbing koh tao goodtime adventures thailand
Course Outline

If you’re already an experienced climber but want to become more independent in where you climb and are ready to take the next step in your climbing education, this course is for you. This course is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Traditional Lead Climbing and gives you plenty of time to practice placing gear and creating anchors.

Topics Covered
  • Traditional Lead Climbing history, ethics, and evolution
  • Placed protection theory – cams, hexes, and wires
  • Ground training of placing trad gear and self evaluation
  • Complex anchors
  • Lots of climbing and placing gear

Learn it all

  • Rock Master

Course Outline

Rock climbing is a massively growing sport becoming more accessible to all levels of climber, but it is not without its risks and this is why it is always up to you to take responsibility for your own safety. Over the weeks you are with us you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to safely explore the vertical realm. But your training does not end with us, climbing is a sport that you can enjoy and progress at for a lifetime; we are here just to help you take that initial first vertical leap!

During your time with us you will work your way through our full range of comprehensive climbing courses listed above building on your prior knowledge (if any!). While you are here with us we can also assist with long-term accommodation, scooter rental, and gear discounts through our retail shop. Get in touch today!

Course Includes
  • Unlimited climbing or bouldering with any guided groups
  • Unlimited use of climbing or bouldering equipment any time
  • Supervised experience guiding climbers
  • New route finding, clearing and bolting experience
  • Equipment maintenance