Learn to Fly in Paradise

At first sight the Flying Trapeze can take your breath away. Thoughts race through your head. 'I'm not strong enough', 'I'm scared of heights!'
Everyone can take part and have an experience of a lifetime. Take a leap of faith.

You have to try it to believe it!

Flying Trapeze is an absolutely unforgettable experience. Anyone can do it no matter what your age or fitness level (we’ve had ages 6 – 76 years, so far!). SO MUCH FUN!

You will be amazed by what you can achieve. With the right timing, most flyers are able to make a mid-air catch in just one lesson.

Whether you are terrified of heights or jump straight into it, you are guaranteed to have buckets of fun and an unforgettable experience, as well as photos you will keep for a lifetime! Read some of our Trip Advisor Reviews to see for yourself.

What We Offer

  • Beginner Lesson

  • Advanced Lessons

  • Event Nights

Course Outline

Introduction to Flying Trapeze
Learn the position / trick on the ground level practice bar
Aerial demonstration given by one of our instructors
Take your first swing – go for a knee hang!
Practice a few more times including a back flip dismount (much easier than it sounds!)
At the end of the lesson one of our catchers will be ready and swinging on the opposite bar, then it’s your turn to go for the catch! (With all the timing guided by our experienced instructors up to 70% of people make a mid air catch in just one lesson).

You will be amazed by what you can achieve in just one lesson! But be prepared, it is very addictive.

Course Features
  • Max 6 people (majority of schools operate 8-12 people in each session)
  • Individualy focused so you can progress at your own pace
  • Available to almost all ages and fitness levels (ages 6 - 76 yrs ... so far!)
  • All equipment included
  • Legging available if needed
goodtime adventures flying trapeze swing
Course Outline

‘FRONT END TRICKS ‘ – This is when you use the power of the swing to lift you to a weightless point at the peak of each swing. Without kicking, you hang from the bar for approximately 4 seconds and perform half of your trick’s position at the ‘front end’ peak, and then complete the position on the ‘back end’ peak of the swing – with the third step being a timed dismount for a ‘catch’.

‘SWING TRAINING’ – Learning to execute a precisely timed series of kicks throughout the duration of your swing in order to maintain and eventually gain more height. This starts with 6 movements – 3 moving forward, and three traveling back (timing is crucial). After establishing the rhythm of your swing, you will add several more moves to develop this process, including a ‘force out’ and a ‘pull up’.

Class after class, month after month, year after year. Believe it or not, a flying trapeze swing can continue to develop and evolve over a decade or more.

‘BACK END TRICKS’ – By utilising your swing training, you will now execute position tricks at the ‘back end’ of the swing. Kicking out through your swing, and performing the position in just one step on the platform side (back end).

  • 1 Day Flying Trapeze Adventure - 1,500 THB
  • 3 Day course. Valid for 1 week - 1,350 THB per class
  • 5 Day course. Valid for 2 weeks - 1,200 THB per class
  • 10 Day course. Valid for 1 month - 1000 THB per class
Course Outline

Get in touch if you’d like to register a team to participate (approx 20 people per team). Evening includes BBQ, drinks specials at the bar, chin up competitions, free try-flies, a spectacular flying trapeze display, cornetto ice-cream eating competition, strawpedo races and the ultimate finale – a flying trapeze catch off – one participant chosen from each team to try and make a mid-air catch with our professional catcher!

Or if you’re just passing by the island, feel free to come along and watch the show and have a drink! (N.B: Drinks while you watch, not while you fly!).

Night Includes
  • BBQ & Bar
  • Aerial Display
  • Audience Participation
  • Free try-flies

What Customers Say

I never thought you could learn so much in an hour and a half. But the instructors were so professional and were able to pinpoint your problem areas and before I knew it, my friend and I were doing all sorts of crazy tricks! Thank you everyone for being so welcoming and supportive (and for not dropping us haha!)

Caprichia — United Kingdom

If you're on Koh Tao, do yourself a favour and have a go at this, you will love it.
I took 5 lessons in 6 days and learned many different tricks, including being caught. But even if you only have one lesson you will learn at least one trick and will love it.
You don't have to have done anything like it before, Gemma will teach you everything you need to know.

Simon H. — United Kingdom

I have always wanted to do this, but I am a bit scared of heights. Gemma and her staff were so professional and knowledgeable that I felt absolutely secure! Xzarina really talked down my nerves when I got up the platform. It was safe, absolutely fun, and I highly recommend this! Best money I've spent on Koh Tao!! I'm just sad I'm not staying longer to have more lessons!

K. Leigh — Canada
Our Rig

Our 10m-high trapeze rig was imported from the United States and is comprised of a lightweight aluminum frame. Safety nets stretch the length of the rig as well as protecting each end. Every flyer is fitted with a safety harness connected to a backup safety line that makes for a comfortable landing every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe?

  • Do I have to be strong?

  • What is the minimum age for Flying Trapeze?

  • What should I wear?

  • How many people are in the class?

  • What if it rains?

  • Can I still do flying trapeze after I have been diving?

  • Do I need to book in advance?

Absolutely. As well as a huge comfy net for a soft landing, everyone wears a safety harness with safety lines attached.

No. Flying trapeze is all about timing. The 'swing' itself is very powerful and we will teach you the right timing, step by step to success. Everyone can try it. As you become more advanced your strength will develop to accommodate more difficult skills and techniques.

We have had flyers as young as 6 and as old as 76!

Something comfortable and easy to move in, ideally not too baggy. Leggings are recommended attire for females.

We keep our class sizes to a 6 person maximum, meaning that everyone has plenty of time to perfect their flying, and that you get lots of personalised coaching from our instructors (the majority of trapeze schools operate 8 - 12 people per session).

As trapeze is an outdoor activity, unfortunately we have to cancel the class if it is raining, or if it has just rained before the class as the net and safety lines will be wet. We will do our very best to reschedule the class so that it works with your timeframe on the island, and if it is really not possible then we will refund your money.

Trapeze lessons are a low impact activity rather than a cardiovascular activity, meaning they do not involve overexertion, excessive use of energy, or elevating your heart rate or circulation. This means it is perfectly safe after diving – in fact you probably use more energy and increase your circulation more when carrying your equipment and tanks back to the dive centre from the boat than you do in any of our beginner lessons!

Yes. Classes are very popular and limited to 6 people so they do fill up. Please contact us using the methods at the bottom of this page to book, or if you are on the island you can pop in to see us at the trapeze or at our Goodtime Koh Tao main office on the beach road.